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As well, I do appreciate the wisdom and creativity of others and would like to share some of those that I value - those links are at the bottom of this page.


What I Wrote


Kayaking - a true story "NEW"
The Story of the Coin "NEW"
Higher Self and Over Soul
Jumbo's Ascension into the Light  
Jasper, Bye Buddy
The Real Reason for the Toronto Blackout of 2003
Songs in Your Head
How To Make Yes and No Decisions
A Letter to a Big Man
Of the Light 
Revised Lord's Prayer
Memory Loss

Soul Mates
Angel Wings
Sending Back Negative
Inner Child
Spirit Dragons  
Higher  Life - Lower Life
Angel Message


I do appreciate feedback the material here.


You are more than welcome to print a copy of the information that I have written.  All that I ask is that you honour me by mentioning where you got the information, and please do not alter the information in any way.

I  believe the following literary works or creative ideas or truths  are applicable to our quest for life and its deeper meaning.   I did not write these and cite the author or origin of the material.

The Secret ""NEW"
Invocation for Clearing 

The Spiritual Guest - by Rumi
Men's Brains - Women's Brains - Video:
The Four Truths
Taking Risks Will Lead to Freedom
Eight Gifts We can Give for Free
If Anyway
Morning Prayer
Words to Live By



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